We’re Alex and Anthony and we live in Brooklyn, NY. We’ve been married for over four years, and are so excited to begin the next chapter of our lives. We have always known that we wanted to start a family, and we cannot wait to make that dream a reality.

Contact us! Email us at alexandanthonyadopt@gmail.com or call/text at (201) 870-4390

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About Us

Status: Married

Children: None yet!

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Occupations: Alex works in the NYC Mayor’s Office and Anthony is a fashion designer

Fun Facts: Both Anthony and his younger brother were adopted; Alex has a twin brother

Our Story

Anthony is a mid-westerner from Illinois and Alex grew up nearby in New Jersey. We both moved to New York City and in 2011 were lucky enough to meet at a party. After dating for four years we got married in a neighborhood garden around the corner from our apartment. We live in Brooklyn and enjoy riding our bikes, going to parks and beaches, and finding fantastic restaurants and bars in our neighborhood to try. We love gardening, making home cooked meals, and having family and friends over for dinner.

Family is extremely important to us. We knew early on in our relationship that we would want children. As Anthony was himself adopted, adopting children of our own has always felt like the right path for us to take.

Alex Describes Anthony

Anthony is the kindest and most generous person I’ve ever met–everyone loves to be around him! He loves doing arts and crafts and playing games with our nieces and little cousins. He is super hardworking. No matter what it is–designing a new fashion collection, dressing a celebrity, or joining a bike tour–if he sets his mind to it, he will not only get it done, but be amazing at it. He is going to make the most loving and fun father!

Anthony Describes Alex

Alex is easily the most selfless person I know–he always steps up to help others and really cares for everyone he knows or meets. He is loyal, loving and kind and it shows when he is helping my younger sister in the kitchen or reading to our nieces before bedtime. He is practical, super organized and is a natural leader who takes the responsibilities of our family very seriously. He has a warm and generous heart and I know he will make an absolutely wonderful father and co-parent!

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We are very close with both our families. We are ready to help our family grow through a child of our own!

Maximillian Tortoriello Photography


We’ve been lucky to have a set of loyal and kind-hearted friends, many of whom we’ve known for decades. We’ve enjoyed traveling with them, and also just hanging out closer to home.

Our Favorite Things

Movies: Alex: Jurassic Park; Anthony: Mrs. Doubtfire

Hobbies: Alex: Cooking; Anthony: Bike Riding

Ice Cream flavor: Alex: Mint chocolate chip; Anthony: Cinnamon

Vacation spot: Alex: Anywhere with a beach! Anthony: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Foods: Alex: Pizza; Anthony: Pasta

Contact Us!

Email us at alexandanthonyadopt@gmail.com or call/text at (201) 870-4390